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Buenas quería saber como puedo hacer para jugar si nunca lo he jugado y me pide que cargue partidas anteriores y es la primera vez que lo descargo

I don't know if this is a bug but at the end of the new update when you get the message that aks if u want everyone to be pregnant Sandra said something that implied I wasn't with Lucy even though she was pregnant before the Msg help

Never heard this before. My play through v.23 went very smoothly.  Are you using mods or something? If not, maybe it could be the save your using being corrupt. I really wouldn't know what the problem is, but usually when things like this happen it's usually attributed to a corrupt save. I am not saying this is the problem, try to get the latest save file for v.2.3 and then play it from there (making sure all the girls / women are pregnant and your dating all of them).

Is there a  lewd patch for the 0.14 apk version anywhere? "Landlady" kills it for me

There's a patch, just look for it on Google and you should find the ic patch

I've googled pretty damn hard and I just cant find a patch for the apk :/ easy to find one for the pc version, can you direct me anywhere?

Ignore that someone in the comments linked it already! Swear down I've been om that page already but blundered it, thanks for trying to help 🙃

just go to f95 site, look for this game and download the ic patch from there. I think it's a universal patch, meaning it should work in both v.14 and v.23

up top it says mother but in the game its landlady????


is there a walkthru for this game?

No besides you don't need it all girl top option except maddie 2nd test

Not sure if this has been asked before but what 3d modeling software did you use to make this game?


There has to be another place to download this. I cannot download anything from When I try to DL anything from here it stops at around 70% then says forbidden. I usually can find the games i want other places but i cant find the .14 download anywhere

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So any heads up for the next update to be available?

Would like to see the first child born in the story 


hi is it posible to remove the roommate part and get them to be sisters and brother and so on  ?


Here you go bud


10/10 thank you!!!

Una pregunta como vuelvo al juego a español?? Alguien que me explique xfavor

Ok, came here just to comment:

Lucy and Fiona best girls!!!


Wondering when choices are going to be fixed to actually mean anything.

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The choices do mean something. They determine if you even have relationships in the beginning and later decide who you want to have a relationship with. Not every game has to have evil game over choices.


I suppose with the meaningful choices this game provides that is why I got stuck with Sandra.

Great update. Thanks for the amazing work :)

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Is this end game or there be more in next update?

Game really good like ending if this last version update not sure more if be 24 version 

There is a 6 day epilogue coming. Which sucks because some of the girls have been teased the whole game and have had no payoff.  So it looks like they will become one and done cumdumps

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the game shut down after 2 or 3 rollbacks,no way  to continue

i have the same problem


So in other words, we have a broken update.  Haven't downloaded it yet, but doesn't sound like I am missing anything exciting.

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Hello there Killer7.

Have a little something to report. On the last release while cuddling with Sun after fucking her, Sandra's name is displayed instead of Sun's.

Sun : "I could get used to this."

MC : "Cuddling naked with me in bed?"

Sandra : "Mhm..."


Who is Samantha?

Sandra, my bad ;)


i cant load my old save with the new update

yay new update 


any femdom in this game and character name, please?

or dominating personality female character name 


Be honest bud,what's wholesome in licking someone toe? Why do you want femdom here? This is a pretty wholesome avn,why do you want to add some shit kinks? Maybe some people would enjoy being sub or like that kind of kinks,but why ruin a wholesome avn for that?


You obviously haven't played this game.

only starting episodes


my save from 0.14 doesn't work for 0.22...
Is there any way around it?

Did you save last ended mc purpose sandra on 0.14?

probably  missed it.. but the 1 with lucy?

No sandra that probably why you had bug cause purpose goes on 0.22 if you did finished 0.14


As a German, getting a German to English translation/German history test was kinda hilarious NGL

Same lol

Is this games story finished or is it nothing but QOL updates?

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Just a proofreading note for ver .22:

There's lots of question marks on dialog that aren't questions.

Some mislabeled dialog as to who is speaking particularly in chapter 14.

Thanks for making such a fun VN!

Haha. I love the dig at Acting Lessons.  Good one. :)

Just a minor glitch that is bugging me, since i finished the update and then left the game the gallery is completely locked again. Is there a fix for this or do i have to skip through the game again to unlock?


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Love the game had it for a long while now but I feel like having your focus split between 2 games will hurt both of your fan base and your mentality in the long run.


Agreed bro... Max waiting period for update should be 90 days n that too with major update....


Salutations all ! 
So does Killer7 read and respond to the comments here ? 
It'd be good to chat a bit with him about it, in the meantime can I suggest if you want a good laugh, and at the same time it's pretty hot, run a fresh game and name your character Big Dick, from the first meeting with Sandra it's a real hoot  👍


Sometimes he appears here, but that's relatively rare. 

I think he's more active on discord if you really want to chat with him (at least that's what I've been told wayyy back, I don't use discord so can't confirm and it might have changed with him having become too big to be reachable to all his fans) 

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Thanks Aleshebi, I'll take a look there.

It's a game that has an interesting setting with some decent graphics and good characters, it looks like he's absorbed quite a bit of The Headmaster for it, but he's really undermined it all chiefly with the dialogue and some laughable animations.

The most obvious one is the terrible, game-breaking, family word replacement "Is it okay that tenant and half tenant feel like this ?" "We're all household neighbor Mary" 
I'm presuming he's just done a Find & Replace on all the family words to avoid incest restrictions from or similar, but it kills the game and is a relatively easy fix by them just being a step family with no actual blood ties.

The first person animations too, which makes the girls look like they're having a mini-stroke whenever they're supposed to be French kissing ( heads suddenly dropping and tongues lolling out), and don't get me started on the 'winking' which seems like they have all contracted some sort of eye infection !

Obviously I could go on and on, and that's only because the core elements are actually good and a lot of this could be sorted with some decent exposition and editing, but how responsive Killer7 might be to doing this to his creation is a different matter.

I hope you are aware of, they have a patch to reverse the family/tenant change (which actually is pretty common for changes made after already being public, probably out of fear some sites would still have a problem with step-siblings) 

and BTW the reason he changed it was patreon

I actually discovered the patch immediately after I wrote that, but thanks.

The stepfamily workaround is routine in porn where there are those same concerns about incest, and I think would work pretty well within this story without the patch, particularly for those that really aren't turned on by the idea of humping their own grandmother.

Do you know other games besides The Headmaster like this Aleshebi ?

I'm sorry that this is often topic and completely random, but I had to ask since you might know the answer. I'm not able to use the Ren'Py app since I'm on mobile but I have found an app that allows me to make visual novels and I was wondering if someone knew if was possible for me to make a page for it if I didn't use the programs that almost everyone else has used. Specifically I'm using Kocho, and CYOA Factory which are both Visual Novel creation apps.

Hello. This is a long one. First off, love the game, playing through it is great. However, a few months ago, a previous account of mine was hacked by a spambot, and was thus banned. I have a new discord, and would like it if you were to reinstate my new account from discord's Autoban.

Second, my game is now experiencing an bad file descriptor error four days after install. How do I fix it?

I'd re-install the files and see if that clears it up.

What is Maddie's First picture in gallery


Soo What


Im confused.

Just started, met Lucy at her secret spot, came home. Then mom confronts you about a kiss you and she shared, followed by a choice option.

I never witnessed any kiss between Mom and MC. What's going on here?


You have to play 0.14 to it's conclusion then update to 0.22 for the rest of the current story. Then it'll make sense.



I am enjoying the game, and it is free so, thanks so much for that.  But Killer7 I have to point something things out, and this is totally meant as constructive criticism. Something so obviously missing in Chapter 3 (firsts for several girls), I mean it felt missing before, but its so blatantly omitted in this chapter I had to point it out.

Was the lack of foreplay before doing something so important as taking a girls virginity because the positioning and of the 3d models was difficult, time consuming, or is that just your way? I am only on chapter 3, so maybe this improves moving forward, but the MC is supposed to be this nice guy, but going straight to insertion, not even some nibbling on necks or ears, no breast fondling, (I do appreciate the breast size variety).  It just seems so rushed, and for a first time to just straight to insertion and then leave right after. I mean what girl would plan to loose her virginity in a 10 minute visit in a movie theater. Well I guess these girls are very special in their acceptance of things. 

There are far more steps to sexual progression than hug, kiss, HJ, BJ, Intercourse.  consider more massages, back rubs, neck kissing, ass fondling, foot massages, heavy petting, back kissing, sitting on the couch with the girl siting between the MC legs and leaning back on his chest while watching TV, or snuggling up laying down.   

All the landlord titles and such... wow such a distraction from the game. Couldn't the MC just have been adopted or a step-child. A slight rework of the story to make the dialog not so jarringly broken would have been great. 

A lot of the dialog is very repetitive, and feels like filler to make the game longer than to actually add substance. As dialog/story is really the main feature of the game. Cut a bunch of the unneeded repetitive stuff. 

I liked the revenge for Lucy, having little missions like that really adds to the story.

I am looking forward to finishing the existing content and totally wish you the best in your game making projects.

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I Love your game but reading these titles hurt my head, like half-tenant common lol still like the game

Deleted 94 days ago

lol that's what I've been getting this whole game I might get cousin here and there but anytime it's sister brother mom dad and aunt it turns out like landlady, landlord roommate/tennat neighbor mary and friend for the cousin 

I'm straight up not lying I like the game I'm just pointing out something I didn't like I thought it was something like innuendos or maybe and incentive that was happening


This game base on incest harem there patch mod create fix showing landlady as mom ect hope this help follow intruction on the site whatever version you using need help on it join discort ask help on there.

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It's the same for me. I just downloaded 0.14 and started it. I'm still watching the intro (I'm at the point where he's about to get on the train) and I got really confused because (like I do with every game I download) I read the description and it said that he moves in with his mother and her daughters, but the in game intro is calling them Landlady and tenants. It also has household instead of family which at first I thought it was on purpose but then I got to the spot where the MC sits down and watches Family Guy and I realized that it was a mistake.  I originally thought that it was some kind of glitch caused by the fact that I downloaded the PC version instead of the Android version. I don't know why but I prefer to run the games through JoiPlay rather than just installing them as their own app. 

quick question.... are you new to these types of games? 

cause this is all fairly common happens in the vast majority of games/vn's with incest since places like patron remove that kind of content as its against their rules



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Love your game man, would be cool if you could change names and titles before or as your starting the game


You can change the titles by downloading the lewd (taboo) patch.


Is it available for mobile and if so where can I find it, I looked around and didn't find anything

Love your work dude i am playing your game update by update after 0.14... but this wait after 0.22 is too much bro almost 8 months... Still i hope you overcome all your problems and can continue your work with speed... ✌🏻


I've given up waiting for a MNF update and moved on to other games, still get the progress reports but honestly, I'm already calling it dead

I absolutely love your games bud please keep up the amazing work cannot wait for the next update to both mnf and mnm such amazing content!! 

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I wrote my review and everything but not gonna write is here since its long,will make it shorter.I hope in the future we will get more options during conversations and hopefully options that could change behavior a bit,loved the game so far but now Sandra acting so highly and Alice is so annoying and there is nothing to say and even have a say in your relationships.I mean i get its a lewd game but would be nice to have more options.I mean just now on ch13 i think Sandra just said that she wants our daughter to love me like her and the moment mc tried so stop it was denied,like don't sandra me etc.Like i said i like the story and characters but some things are way off,would be nice to be able to say stop with this or that etc.Just my opinion and some might not agree which is fine but i doubt i'm the only who feels that lack of having a say in a relationship(which includes this cuz it is a dating sim as well) is bad.The MC is like a damn slave and dont have any control of anything except with who he will go out and pregnancy stuff.Just think it should be more to it...


Yeah i get you man but having choices for each and every sentence just annoys game and its main dating and all theme,i highly doubt if you are worried abkut incest it will happen,and by love she meant equal love not like i love my wife more than my daughter,and no ii was like same love they had for each other in family and support each other and about mc not able to choose yeah we feel lack of choices but sometimes you have accept a bit of flaws.

yeah you're right,it would be hard to implement more choices cuz that would mean a whole game re-design etc,can't have it all and like you sad its about accepting and more about story,and mc really does develop his character as you play through chapters so thats a huge thing compared to most similar games.

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Yeah man and i love wholeshome like irl showcasing a bit of slow burn but with this many girls that doens't feel like it, best character development story if there is ever one is this,even for an avn it never felt like outright porn like in many avn,not a single relationship or thing is rushed,night and day ending and starting system best way to showcase the time passed in development of things, every bit of it felt romantic emotional and family reunion,love is what actually justify in this avn, truly you will never find someone like Sandra she is the one that complete this avn and it's mc and feels to us like a housewife we dream of, everything is perfect and esy choices doesn't give trouble of routes,no villain or bad ending to destroy it,every thing feels loving,and no point system,what does that even stand for in other avn? They should be only for mc showing his development and involvement,this game is defination of perfect life,that comes with a price,mc paid by spending life 25 yrs as a said child,and now getting reward of it 


Indeed after his life with Martin and his ex he deserve nothing less.Killer7 really did awesome job with MC's development and not to mention how much time he put in into making real and interesting most avn's its pretty much the same answers and event just different (and many time the same) story.Here he truly did something proper and realistic,we gotta be honest,even if it is a game there are prolly quite a bit families out there who are like that.He really put realism in it so for that alone it was worth playing

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