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Love your work dude i am playing your game update by update after 0.14... but this wait after 0.22 is too much bro almost 8 months... Still i hope you overcome all your problems and can continue your work with speed... ✌🏻

I absolutely love your games bud please keep up the amazing work cannot wait for the next update to both mnf and mnm such amazing content!! 

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I wrote my review and everything but not gonna write is here since its long,will make it shorter.I hope in the future we will get more options during conversations and hopefully options that could change behavior a bit,loved the game so far but now Sandra acting so highly and Alice is so annoying and there is nothing to say and even have a say in your relationships.I mean i get its a lewd game but would be nice to have more options.I mean just now on ch13 i think Sandra just said that she wants our daughter to love me like her and the moment mc tried so stop it was denied,like don't sandra me etc.Like i said i like the story and characters but some things are way off,would be nice to be able to say stop with this or that etc.Just my opinion and some might not agree which is fine but i doubt i'm the only who feels that lack of having a say in a relationship(which includes this cuz it is a dating sim as well) is bad.The MC is like a damn slave and dont have any control of anything except with who he will go out and pregnancy stuff.Just think it should be more to it...


Yeah i get you man but having choices for each and every sentence just annoys game and its main dating and all theme,i highly doubt if you are worried abkut incest it will happen,and by love she meant equal love not like i love my wife more than my daughter,and no ii was like same love they had for each other in family and support each other and about mc not able to choose yeah we feel lack of choices but sometimes you have accept a bit of flaws.

yeah you're right,it would be hard to implement more choices cuz that would mean a whole game re-design etc,can't have it all and like you sad its about accepting and more about story,and mc really does develop his character as you play through chapters so thats a huge thing compared to most similar games.

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Yeah man and i love wholeshome like irl showcasing a bit of slow burn but with this many girls that doens't feel like it, best character development story if there is ever one is this,even for an avn it never felt like outright porn like in many avn,not a single relationship or thing is rushed,night and day ending and starting system best way to showcase the time passed in development of things, every bit of it felt romantic emotional and family reunion,love is what actually justify in this avn, truly you will never find someone like Sandra she is the one that complete this avn and it's mc and feels to us like a housewife we dream of, everything is perfect and esy choices doesn't give trouble of routes,no villain or bad ending to destroy it,every thing feels loving,and no point system,what does that even stand for in other avn? They should be only for mc showing his development and involvement,this game is defination of perfect life,that comes with a price,mc paid by spending life 25 yrs as a said child,and now getting reward of it 

Indeed after his life with Martin and his ex he deserve nothing less.Killer7 really did awesome job with MC's development and not to mention how much time he put in into making real and interesting most avn's its pretty much the same answers and event just different (and many time the same) story.Here he truly did something proper and realistic,we gotta be honest,even if it is a game there are prolly quite a bit families out there who are like that.He really put realism in it so for that alone it was worth playing


Is there a patch for dialog?

There certainly is m'dude, here it is, in all its linky glory:

Everyone here wanting for a walkthrough,it's simple fella just select top option for every choice with closed eyes and you will get best endings and girls routes unlocked

So I need to play 0.14 and then play 0.22?

Yep :)

do the girls give birth in current version .22?


Not in v0.22. I think the births will come after the wedding(s) Killer7 has got lined up. As the MC is a bit of an old fashioned sort of a character (getting the rings from Grandma etc, doing things the old fashioned way) I would imagine that Killer7 wants to write the story in a traditional get married then have the kids sort of a scenario.

So fingers crossed it is coming soon, but to answer your original question - no births yet.
Hope that helps, apologies for the long winded explanation.


thanks man

no probs :)


He is wholesome type and showcasing each day, either it wil happen in the end of avn,like scene with children or there will be time jump in avn,most probably time jump

Enjoying the game so far. Lucy and Sandra are my favorites , can't figure out which one is best girl. Only thing I'm having a bit of a issue woth is Tanja, just leaving a bad feeling in my mouth even though she probably deserves it. Just surprised Lucy  would agree to it  always struck me as the "better" girl morally. Still I get it. Otherwise enjoying the game. Also even though some things seem off  or older most of the models are pretty good. Some older stuff have models that seem off in the eyes or too thin arms or legs. These all look look pretty good 

Don't worry bro about Tanja,in future you will get chance to amend with her,and about Lucy,she doesn't have much feelings in her since she was broken by others bullying though she isn't bad she just wants a closure for herself and others who were bullied by is all good in the end,and about deciding best girl well buddy that's impossible to choose between Lucy and Sandra,that's why i love this dev,he didn't made us choose between them and leave us heartbroken by not being other,best thing in this avn.

Can't start a new game. The game tells me I should have some saves from v0.14, but I didn't play this game before. What should I do?

You have to download both the .14 and the .22 versions. Then you have to play the .14 version first. When you get to the end of that, make sure you save when it tells you, then start the .22 version. Think of 1-14 as the first half of the game and 15-22 (and to the end I think) as the second half, kept separate to keep the files manageable.

Oh, shit, I missed the fact that there are two versions to download. Thanks for the help!

you got me. I'm hooked this is the second VN that really sucked me in to the story and I can't wait for more. 10/10 Game.  Ps, Lucy and Sun are my favorites.

I know you said that that to get the "true" ending I need to get all girls preggo except one. So just wanted to ask is the "true" ending like very special or is it your view on how this game should end. also will getting all girls except my granny or should i say our granny help me get that ending?

Can someone share a save file with me from just before the new update? I deleted the game to free up some space.


Bit of a weird request but it's an issue I have frequently. Downloading files directly is actually rather annoying for me, as I frequently have failed downloads on things other than MEGA and Drive.

Is it possible for you to reupload the game onto MEGA or Google Drive? I would love to play both the new update and the prologue but I can't even download them! :P

If there is a workaround for the download or this isn't possible in anyway I would love to know. Thanks either way for the work you do.

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I am just at the beginning part of the game and it already hurts, I don't know why but maybe because I can relate to the main character and what he's gone through.
Telling the story and pain to your "relative"
I don't wanna be emotional but damn, involuntary tears just came out.
It hurts.
(Asides from the visions that break the moments)

Also, what the hell is going on with these girls? as if they never felt any affection from a male before.

Update: Bro... the call with Martin, shit dude, strikes right in the feels, my fucking life feels like this game, especially with parts like this.

(Don't judge me if inc*st happens for real) but man, that hurts, it really does, it left me feeling empty, drained, tired of emotions, something that I felt from years ago. 

I don't know if I should continue or not, part of me wants to know where it goes, and another part says, fck this, you don't have to relive painful memories by continuing on playing this game.

One thing remains, it fucking hurts.

Update: Okay, somehow it just became awkward.
I can't handle the sudden relations that are forming through one way or another, it feels uncomfortable at times and at its lowest, irritating. But hey, a good story requires these moments too yah know?

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I bought your game in steam just cause is yours, idk whats about.

pd: baby dont hurt me, dont hurt me, no moree..


Landlady? Big roommate? Neiber? come on dude. if you don't want to commit then just use names.  This crappy writing is seriously ruining the fun. 

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it is written that way to avoid getting the game removed from sites such as and Patron as they have rules regarding Incest which would make this game against their rules. It's easily fixed, there is a patch available to restore the relationships to the correct terms.

There are literally hundreds of posts on this page explaining the issue, find the patch and maybe read a few other comments before calling the Dev out on it.

Here is the link for patch if you can't be bothered to educate yourself.


Despite your rude comment, thank you for the link witch I would not have found without digging.  But my original comment stands. There are plenty of other games on here that don't bother with tricks. And even if it was a problem for the developer, they still could have done it in a much simpler and way and kept the cannon intact.  Simply using Names would do fine. Other things to do would be give the player an option to rename the key characters as some other games do. No. I'm sorry but this is just lazy work that ruins an otherwise exceptional script and story line.

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Thats better feedback & critique. Your first comment was basically saying to the Killer7 "Hey, your game isn't very good because of this". It gave no constructive opinion for them to take on board. Now you have clarified yourself and given reasons why you think it could be better, great! Thats good for the Dev to know and they can think about how they want to work it into THEIR game, if they decide to pick it up and go with it.

If I recall correctly, and other sites clamped down on the incest thing not too long ago, which means this game was most likely in existence before the rule changes so to correct it in the way you would like, then Killer7 would most likely have had to stop working on any updates to the game and disappoint their subscribers by going back to the very beginning nuts and bolts of the code to rework every single scene to incorporate the changes. So, a kind soul on the internet took to making a patch to work around the issue.

As to my comment about educating yourself, I'm afraid that if you can't be bothered to scroll/page down 5 or 6 times and look for a link and an explanation didn't want to educate yourself, I'm sorry that is coming across to you as rude but I can't dress it up any other way.


LOL- You thought that was rude?  Bitch Please! After you come in here, kick in the door and piss all over the coffee table?  What do you expect?  Some sweet cakes and an espresso?  You're lucky Undid commented before some of the others here did.  That was POLITE.

K has been working around the censors for years now.  You think it's lazy writing?  Put up or shut your gob. Drop a link to YOUR game and we will compare who can do it better...FOR FREE.  Not a game maker?  Not a Storyteller?  Then just where do you get the qualifications to judge someone who does?  Did you pay for it?  Are you a member of K's patreon? 

Undid kindly gave you the patch link, which as he noted is all over the place or can be found with a simple google search.

K is always up for constructive criticism and feedback.  Even changed a few things due to it.  Hey you never know- a relationship menu might be in the future.  If you only presented it like a civil human and not a one handed typing spanker.  Crying about the shattered  illusion of banging your whole family will not give your suggestion more merit. What you did, in your first post, was troll. 

There.  Now ladies and gents, we have an example of RUDE.

Honestly Dude.  If you really give a shit about this game and story and want to see changes like that hook up with Killer's patreon.  Join the Discord server.  Be a part of the Fam and not a wanker.  :D 


Thank you Woffies, help yourself to a cookie :)

I agree with all you have said, you said it way better than I could, I said it as politely as I could. Some people just like to wade into battle with wet powder I guess. Thank you for your support my dude.

hey guys. Im on Mac and when I downloaded 0.22 it says it says developer not supported. What do I do? 

You sure you downloaded the right file? I know i screw up when picking my download sometimes


Yes i did. Mac is weird so you have to go to setting and to security and then allow it to open. I haven’t downloaded something in a while so i forgot about that. It’s not all files only some require you to do that. 

I love the story and characters but boy does it hit right in the feels.

Deleted 41 days ago
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I do not agree.

First if you played as many games as you say you did you'd know that in terms of typos, grammar and whatnot this game is pretty decent.

Second this game is based on the story, skipping the story would pretty much mean skipping the entire game.

While i do agree that Lucy wouldn't need to have cat like features due to the dev ability to give her a rather unique - in the game - personality and interractions with the main character it does explain the bulying and it was, at first, her distinctive features. I liked her for them early in the game - i mean "catgirl" right- and kept considering her my favorite character in the game despite them after some time. Not to mention that if her sister is the one that allows the harem part of the game i always felt like the game revolved more around Lucy than around any other character.

I would not consider allowing players to skip to 0.22 for a simple reason. You grow attached to the characters bit by bit in this story and summaries just don't allow that.

So if what you're looking for is a quick porn game to jerk off to, just go look somewhere else, this is not what this game is.

Do you usually start games in the middle? The game is broken up into two parts, IN part because of file size. But it's all ONE story.

How many books do you just flip to the middle and read a summary of the first half of the book, rather than reading the whole book?

Another analogy: if you're watching a TV show that you've enjoyed from the beginning, would tell a friend a summary of the series and just tell them to start watching from the middle? Do you think they'd enjoy it as much as you have, even though they won't have as much investment in the characters you've grown to like/hate/etc.?

I can't say anything about your problem with the writing. To each their own, but I didn't have a huge problem with it. The story drew me in anyway.

you can't start in the middle? if you attempt to start on .22, it tells you "go download .14 play it and load the save in this one"

Love the game! It is fantastic and I wait for the next release. I love the story line ... even if there wasn't a physical relationship focus, the other relationship focus would be fantastic based on the support structure and story line. Do you have a guide to unlock some of the gallery items? I will for sure play through the entire game again and make different choices, but I am sure there would be choices I wouldn't want to change unless it unlocked gallery items.  But again, great game!


I'm up to Episode 4 and I want to really like this game, I like alot of the dialogue and story branches in it (some good heartwarming stuff here), but I feel like it pushes too hard to make specific choices (towards a specific character). Making the choices I made, I got "scolded" by the game (it was hilarious tho). Also I got some scenes with some characters that include dialogue that makes no sense unless you made certain choices. But overall, I'm enjoying it even if the game tells me I'm on "the boring path". 

How is having a harem the boring path?

That's what I don't get. But maybe it's because I didn't go for the "main" girl? The game locked me out of a majority of choices if I don't go for one girl in particular. So when I got to the end of 0.14, it told me to go back and try again and focus on the one girl (even though I made progress with 2 other girls).

How old are all the characters?

Everyone is at least 18 years old. Some are few years older and a few others are 30+.


Can't you do a walkthrough 👀 it's so hard when don't have that 


If your trying to make the harem with everyone possible then whenever asked to visit or talk to a character just do it. Not to sure about specific people but I would guess just don't talk or visit them, i don't know the consequences cause I'm doing the harem route.

Not sure why need walkthought every girl top option expt maddie second test

how do you extract it in part two?


I don't like how I have to backtrack in versions to play.  Like really why do I need to backtrack? It should allow to play from the start....


Most times I see this it's because of total file size and what it is being installed on.   If it was an all in one download it screws up the installs on many people.  Think of it- up to 0.14 is 2 gigs... 0.15 to 0.22 is already 2 gigs.  Now that's for PC.  Try shoehorning that in to an android.   For an awesome free game don't ya think it's worth a little file shuffle?

can I get it to work on a chromebook?

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get your homework done bro 💀



im ngl man IT department gonna look at u funny when u hand it back

Deleted 112 days ago
Deleted 112 days ago

so I finish the fist part the V 0.14 and now that I going to play the new part V 0.22. I try to load the last save it say there a error


the message at the top says hit rollback until u see pictures again

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Basically, the game is good, but has a few Problems. Let's start by saying that at least one decision is contradictory: Tell Yvonne no, she can't watch you and Sandra - because she will watch them later in the cinema anyway, even without the MC's consent, and to make matters worse you has no choice say later , Sandra that it wasn't okay to do that... There's also no way to tell Sandra and Lucy that it wasn't okay to manipulate the relationship with Alice and that's why you didn't want a romantic relationship with her.  You only can choose to follow or don't follow your heart.....And if you decide to follow your heart, the whole process of the romantic relationship with Alice is manipulated from the outside by Sandra and Lucy. The hell even Alice complete personality until then, is manipulated by Sandra and Lucy from this point on - also called brainwashing - At this Point in the Game it is complete bullshit that Alice could not talk to the MC about that she loves him as a man and the MC does NOTHING to protect Alice. You make the MC say "that nothing happens without mutual consent" a couple of times, but you don't follow through: First at the movies with Yvonne, then at Maddie's Pregnancy and with Alice BJ while the MC sleeps (the MC only gave Sandra consent to do that). At the moment I don't know if there is more, because in my first playthrough I only pursued family relationships.

A question, does this game support 32-bit as well on Windows XP too???

Renpy the underlying program that runs these avn games, will work fine on any 32 bit operating system. Ie  Windows XP, all 32 bit versions of Windows 7. 

If renpy doesn't want to run under windows xp, then your going to have to run it under compatibility mode. Right click the 32 bit application in which ever avn game you want to play and then properties and go from there.  I have been told it works great under windows 7 ultimate 32 bit so it should work great under windows xp. hope it helps! good luck


Thanks for the information, I was wondering if all these games still can play on XP version too because 32-bits are not suuported long time ago and I still using it for my own work at home (online mettings)

I have to put this out there but being called "big roommate" doesn't sound sexy at all.

Don´t worry, there´s a patch out there uwu 

Are there animated scenes?


yes !!

can the girls in here get pregnent?

yes, your family members can the side girls not yet..


I downloaded the game but it is censored version mother is replaced with landlady any link to download uncensored version please


Here link for patch

i still get landlady what do i do?

Just follow instructions patch site. If still have problem just get help from discord mod created patch

In MNF2 will we get to see the MC's daughters all grown up.

I would actually like to know this too.   I should think it will entirely depend on what K7 does with 0.23.  We will either see the wedding for all of them at the same time, or we will see individual weddings for each of the girls to the mc.  I am hoping its just going to be a mass wedding, with all the girls repeating what is said, and the same for the mc, and then they are married, he puts the rings on each of the girls.  I think individual marriages is just a lot of effort when it can be accomplished in one go with them all on the beach at the same time.

0.24 will be that we see them near the end of their pregnancies ( women don't produce breast milk until around 6.5 months into the pregnancy, and the breasts certainly don't just pop out inside 6 weeks as is the case with sandy lol) this is what is being referred to as the time skip.  I think this time skip will likely be used several times to close the story.  I personally think that when we see the daughters reach 18, the game / story will have come full circle and I think the game will end.  I don't think we will the mc banging his daughters before they reach the end of the game, i mean i could be entirely wrong, but to me it just sadly seems fitting to end the game once your daughters have turned 18.  The real purpose is so that K7 can finish up this game and give their full attention to MNM.   We might even be surprised by the way 0.24/ MNF 2 will go, in terms of how the the time skipping might go.

I think this question was asked before, but I can't seem to find it in the comments. Where did you aquire the models for the game?

They are made with honey select, all characters were made by myself except Mary, Fiona and Maddie, who were made by friends.

Noice. What made you decide on Lucy's design? I mean, she's the best in the game and all 😁, but how did she come about in the planning and writing?

Okay this game is fun and all, but I'm having a real blast playing through the no incest route XD. Everything is so hilariously awkward I LOVE IT!!!

Man, better watch some more TV! XD XD X


I dont have a save 


Have you get the answer, mate? Just download 0.14, Finish it and you're ready for 0.22


How to start game?

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