My New Family 0.4 release

Well people, here it is, the release of My New Family 0.4!

This update is a tat bit longer than 0.3 (depending on your previous choices) and will also start the beginning of a harem path. How exactly that will work is up to you to find out!

Also, a note regarding 0.5: I will release 0.5 at the end of december. The first beta should go live during the 2nd week of december ( 10th or 11th ).


· Added three more in game days

· Added four new NSFW Animations

· Added over 450 new Renders

· Added the start of the harem path


· During question times (with Lucy/Maddie/Yvonne) questions will now disappear once you asked them

· Updated the gallery to include the new NSFW scenes

· Fixed a bunch of dialogues and missing image errors

· Reduced the game size a bit again

· Added a icon and splashscreen for Android

If you find any bugs please feel free to report them!

Files 520 MB
Nov 30, 2019 503 MB
Nov 30, 2019
My New Family 0.4 v7a.apk 511 MB
Nov 30, 2019

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So others can see. 

Secret code: realstory to get the incest as advertised.

Still Waiting for version 0.5 to come up. I really loved the history until this moment, and I expect that you release the next version as soon as possible. Thanks. 

The public release is on the 30th so four more days ^^


Yas~ I was waiting for this <3

I have a question, have you planned an aproximation of the duration of the final version or you want expand the history all you can?

Again, sorry for my English if I write something weird or bad~


Hey there!

I have a vague idea how the game will end but this will still take some time. At the moment I stick to my "one big update each month" plan and try to spin the story further that way. I have some stuff for the far future planned ( marriage, pregnancy etc ). This will all be optional but is something I have in my mind. I'll also start developing a second game in 2020 that will tell a different story, depending on how much time I have of course. But My New Family will always be my main priority!

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Sounds pretty good, I like the "Big Update each Month" and now I super Hyped for your new project ^^

Why has dialogue in 0.4 been changed from mother, sister, etc, to landlady and roomate when the characters refer to each other? i thought incestuous relationships were supposed to be what this novel was about...

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