My New Family 0.5 release

Well, here it is, the public release of My New Family 0.5!

This version is the closure of the first chapter ( the name will be revealed in 0.6 ) and begins a new chapter right when you start 0.6. Without much talk, here is the changelog:

  • Added three more ingame days!
  • Added over 500 new renders!
  • Added four new NSFW Animations!


  • Fixed some minor dialogue bugs. Stuff like a question not disappearing etc.
  • Cleaned up the code a bit.

This release took most of my free time in december and gave me a good feel on how it would be to do this fulltime. And like I already mentioned in the pre release post, I loved it!

Work on 0.6 has already begun and I expect a beta for that in early january. The final release for 0.6 should be by the end of january. I really want to keep my schedule with one big release each month!

I also want to say thank you again. The support here on was amazing so far. So many people followed the game and rated it, I never expected that when I started to make this game four months ago. So thank you for that!

If you are playing on android and get the ending message of 0.4, do the following: Navigate to /Android/data/ and copy all the files into a different folder. Then delete the app and that folder. Install 0.5 and copy your savegames back into the folder. This way you can continue right into 0.5!

Again, if you find any bugs please report them!

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Still Waiting for the version 0.6. I just wanted to thank you for this masterpiece game, it's really awesome the way that you create and develop every character personality according to every decision. Whish you good work and thank you so much again.


Hey there!

Glad that you like the game so far. 0.6 will release tomorrow, January 31st! ^^

That's a great notice. Nice work👍

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I was waiting this so much <3  I'm very thankful for your work on december with christmas and new year so close. Nice Job~
"Added three more ingame days!"