My New Family 0.6 release!

Here it is people, the final version of My New Family 0.6!

This update is the biggest update the game has ever gotten because of the six ingame days it includes. This means more story, more lewds and more cute moments with your favorite characters!


  • Added six more ingame days
  • Added over 1000 new renders
  • Added six NSFW animations


  • Fixed a bug that gave you events with certain girls you didn't like to be in a relationship with ( Fiona/Becca/Mary ).
  • Changed the look of Yvonne slightly. She has a new haircut now and should look way better!

Another thing I have to mention is that I change the way the days work ingame. I'm sure you will notice that when you play it but I'll give you an explanation anyway.

Before 0.6 you could have events with every girl on one day - which could be very hectic depending on the situation. For example the first day of 0.6 was still made in the old format while I started to shift it a bit with the 2nd day. The days will be as long as before but the events will be more meaningful and will center around certain girls. This means that the days should be smoother for you to enjoy. I still could use your feedback for that though, so please feel free to tell me if you like it that way or if you would prefer the older, more chaotic way.

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Wait... six?!

Yes! Six extra days! :D