Progress Update | 09/03/2020

Hello there you very pretty people out there in the world!

Another week and another progress update!

I'm currently finishing the last scenes for Beta 3 and will release it very soon for Sandra tier patrons. This means that work is going very good and you should see a 0.8 release date sometime this month. I can't give you guys an exact date yet but it will be in march!

A teaser post like I did with the past two versions will also come sometimes this week. This post will contain images from the first three days of 0.8. I will try to include nothing that is too spoiler heavy - So you guys can get excited without getting too excited, if that makes sense.

As a little addition to this weeks progress update I would like to give a shoutout to NaughtyRoad. He is currently making the game "Light of my life" and his game is a huge inspiration for my work as well. If you like my way of telling a story then I'm sure you are going to love his as well. It's very wholesome and sweet on so many levels! Check out his patreon page here! And no, this is not a cross promo or anything, I just want to do this from time to time with developers that I look up to!

All in all I think the development of 0.8 is going pretty well. I'm currently going the same way as I did with 0.7 so you'll get at least one NSFW event each day ( with animations! ). I'm also experiencing with a different approach to certain characters when it comes to NSFW stuff - mainly with Fiona. I'm very excited to hear your feedback for that!

Anyway, this post has been going on for too long. I wish all of you a wonderful week and don't forget to keep an eye out this week for the teaser post!

And thank you again for your amazing support! You guys are amazing <3

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Need a beta tester / bug finder? I'm your guy

Also please don't slow down or change the size of these updates.


Every time there have been a update, I play the game from beginning and play it several times over and over again

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Wow, you are on fire. One release not long ago and already info about next one.


Awesome! i do love your story telling. Ill check the game out! cant wait for 0.8