Progress Update | 16/03/2020

Hello there you wonderful people!

Another week another progress update! I hope all of you are safe wherever you live, I know that things are getting crazy in some places ( especially where I live )

The progress for 0.8 is going pretty good. The Beta 5 for Sandra patrons should be up in a few hours ( or tomorrow, it depends ). So you know what this means: Next week is pre-release time! Sandra patrons will get one extra day if they played Beta 5 like usual, to get the full six day experience.

I will give an exact date in the next progress update. But Lucy and higher tier Patrons can expect it on the 24th probably!

And without being too much of a tease: The last day of 0.8 will be the best so far in the game! Not only in terms of lewdness ( it will be pretty hot ) but also in terms of wholesomeness with your beloved red head(s). Yes, that extra s is not a typo. You can guess who is getting what!

For this weeks shoutout I picked Braindrop. He is making the game WVM, one of my absolute favorites out there! Braindrop is probably the most dedicated dev out there and is my biggest motivation in terms of working on my project! He is putting all his heart and love into his game and it shows - it's absolutely amazing. If you like harem and a MC that is always nice give his game a try - You can check it out right here on his patreon page

I hope you guys will have a wonderful week! Your support on Patreon has been amazing again with me almost reaching 300 patrons! Stay safe out there you very cute people!

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jk.  It's just hard to wait in quarantine m8. 

Love you game as always.  Replayed it three times since I been locked up.   My poor keyboard.....  <.<

(1 edit) (+1)

I know you mentioned on your patreon that there will be no man in this story but...give the man a bro to hang out with. But its your story you call the shots.

but why? you have all these different women, all cuties being fun to hang out with, wide range of personalities, but the idea to make it better is to go hang out with another dude? 

(1 edit)

1st off half of them are related witch is fine and all of them are amazing characters and there are fun to hang out with, 

2nd What do you mean "hang out with another dude"  theirs is no other dudes beside MC,

 3rd i did not confirm that would make the game better it was a suggestion ,

4th my reason for this suggestion is i feel that the characters have this "discomfort"  with interacting with dudes and i thought that would change perspective on them, i don't count MC cause there related. Or maybe do some guy stuff like play video games, play sports, go to a bar or something, He doesn't have to be a that "throws a wrench" at MC's relationship type of character.

5th I would not be disappointed if Killer7 chooses not to its his decision, i respect him and I love his work .

You said you want another guy, thats what YOU asked for, I asked, why? literally your next point is confirming that you were the one suggesting it...I don't think you read my comment properly...

ok...well sorry about that, now you know why. i do hope  it wasn't personnel i really don't like arguing. and yes i was the one suggesting  it,  confirming it was not required, it doesn't mean its a demand, its just something i thought would interesting  to witness.

there was no argument, don't worry. You listed your reasons, and all I asked was why, the only thing weird was it seemed like you misunderstood what I said (the tone of it), but its all water under the bridge. No arguments, I was just curious ^_^ take care and keep having fun


I love WVM as well. It used to be my fav but yours knocked it out of the park